W H A T   I S   Società Dante Alighieri ?

W H Y   Società Dante Alighieri ?



  • With its aim to teach and promote the Italian language and culture, the Società Dante Alighieri has branches all over Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

  • Our organisation is governed by the European Common Framework for teaching and learning an EU language.

  • We offer the PLIDA examination leading to certification in Italian as a foreign language.  


  • Professionals at Società Dante Alighieri undergo rigorous training and certifications. 

  • Our teachers have proven teaching experience and understand the issues students face when learning Italian as a foreign language.


  • Our students are of different ages and come from different educational backgrounds, so we make sure we provide a healthy learning environment for everyone, in which they feel encouraged to learn without hesitation.

  • Our teachers understand the importance of participating in class, especially in  activities  that practise speaking.

  • Our teachers emphasise that mistakes are part of the learning process. They encourage students to express themselves with the understanding that any corrections will be in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. This allows students to be more confident when speaking in Italian.


Società Dante Alighieri offers efficient, skilled, competitively priced Italian/ English translations for business, scientific, technical, promotional, or legal needs.  


Our classes are perfect for sharing an interest in the Italian language with existing or new friends, so invite your frends to join the class!


Private tutorials and online classes are also available on request.  

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Società Dante Alighieri conducts the PLIDA exam, resulting in the Italian Language Proficiency certificate that is officially recognised by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and

Italian universities.

Società Dante Alighieri promotes Italian culture and language around the world.  This is a purpose independent of political ideologies, national or ethnic origins, or religious beliefs.  


Formed in Italy in July 1889, the society takes its name from the Florentine pre- Renaissance poet Dante Alighieri (1265-1321).   His magnum opus The Divine Comedy (Divina Commedia) s considered pivotal in world literature, and a masterpiece of writing in the Italian language.  For this reason Dante Alighieri is considered the father of

"la lingua italiana".


Società Dante Alighieri is a free association of people - not just Italians - but all people everywhere who are united by their love for the Italian languages and culture and the spirit of universal humanism that these represent.


Società Dante Alighieri operates throughout the world, with over 400 branches in Italy itself and over one hundred more branches across Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa & Oceania.


O U R   L E G A C Y 

T h e   o r g a n i z a t i o n   h a s   b e e n   a w a r d e d   

t h e   P r i n c e   o f   A s t u r i a s   A w a r d   

f o r   C o m m u n i c a t i o n s   &   H u m a n i t i e s .

Get in touch with us:

For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call:  (02) 759-2016;  +63 998-8581695

or fill out the following form

Find us:

Unit 45/4th floor, Zeta Building,

191 Salcedo Street, Legaspi Village,

Makati City, Philippines

email: dantemanila@gmail.com

Facebook: Societa Dante Alighieri Manila

Operating hours:

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

CALL US:  (02) 759-2016

                   +63 998-8581695  







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